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5 Things That Make You An Attractive Man (9min read)

Learn the principles of being attractive. In this article I’m sharing with you key-facts that will make you amazingly attractive.

If this is your first article you read on my blog: Prepare to dive a bit deeper than the superficial stuff. Ready? Alright, let’s jump into it. Also, while reading this article you will find out, that there is no “specific” way to become attractive. There are no “techniques” to apply. But there are priciples to use. In this articles I will give you the top 5 principles to become attractive. All these principles have a deeper background. We will dive into it. And you will find out what it’s all about.

1. Confidence

Yes confidence… How to become confident? Now this is where we already have dive into it a bit deeper. While being a professional athlete, I had to learn about “shadow-work”. Shadow work is self work. This starts within us. So if you want to become a confident and stable man, you got to start doing some work inside.

(I’m having an absolute free 3 part  video course for you on “How to become a confident, charismatic and attractive man”. There you will learn the self-work techniques I’ve learned from my masters. You can find more information  about this exclusive program at the end of this article.

But I want to give you some insights right here. So the main, and something you should focus on, on your journey, is how you talk to yourself. This is important. So many people are trapped in their own belief system. So many guys limiting themselves for who they actually are. If it’s “she is to hot for me”, “I’m not good enough for this”, “I’m not that kind of guy”, “I don’t deserve…” the list goes on and on and on. It’s crazy. It’s they way we are conditioned and the first thing I want to bring you to your heart is: Locate these limiting believes. Start becoming aware how you talk to yourself.

How I mastered it? – And this really applies to all areas in our lives. If it’s the sports, business, dating life, it doesn’t really matter – I started to write. Write, and write. Writing is an absolutely amating tool to become aware of what’s inside us. It’s important that you only write for yourself, and from your deepest level. It’s easier when we know, that NOBODY ever will read this but you. This is a gift you give to yourself. Through writing all the things down that are in your head you will be able to locate these believes. For that you need to trust yourself. And be honest. Might not be all nice. But buddy, this is real self work. This is the way to become confident.

As soon as you are clear in your head. As soon as you are aware of what’s going on in there. You can work with it. You start to know yourself. The base for confidence.

2. Be Present

Nothing is more attractive than a man who gives his absolute attention to someone. I experience this often on dates with women. I hear this from many people. And I talked to countless of students and men about this topic before. Presence is FLOW. This is the place where the magic happens. In whatever you do.

So how to become present? You’ve got to stop being afraid of the future. You’ve got to stop worrying about the past. You’ve got to look left, look right – and start to appreciate what’s around you in this exact moment.

Presence is love. And even if you have nothing. As long as you give your presence in what you are doing, as long as you give your absolute presence to someone, you will be appreciated.

So let’s take a common example: You’re just about to go on a date. And you’re nervous. You think about what she would think about you, about what you should talk, where you should take her, and all this stuff who make you worry. It drains your energy. It’s fear. And it’s all about you. So as soon as you catch yourself not being present. Being afraid, worrying… You just think about yourself. If you would think about the other person for a second, you will find out that the problems disappear. Problems and fears are ego based. Change your focus. Don’t be egoistic. It will make your life much much easier.

3. Care

It’s scientifically proven that people who care more, are more likely to be liked (if I can say it this way) than others who don’t. And it’s so obvious. Think about it…

Let’s take the same product but from 2 different companies. One company cares about you. They want the best for you. They want to help you and give you something that improves your life. From the other company you feel like: “They just want to take my money”.

Same product. To which company would you go and buy it? Simple.

So care about others. Give unconditionally. Don’t expect anything back. That will make you incredibly attractive. Lose the fear of “losing something”. You don’t have anything to lose. But give all you have. Don’t play games. As soon as you play games, being someone else, trying to impress, you won’t ever be at your best and sooner or later people will recognize. Usually pretty soon. Unattractive. Be pure. Give. Care.

And I know, the questions are popping up now: “Yeah but ‘nice guys’ are not attractive”. Yes, they are not. “People pleasers” are the worst. But here we’re having a perfect example of egoistic, selfish “care taking”. Nice guys are nice because they are afraid of being not enough. They are afraid of not being liked. Egoistic. Selfish.

Become the guy who can give unconditionally. This makes you ultimately attractive.

4. Treat Your Body

Yes. Even if it’s a small part. It’s still an important one. “It’s not about looks”. That’s what many say. I say: Looks matter sooo little but there are some things to be aware of. For your sake. For your happiness and wholeness.

Take care of your body. It’s an amazing tool to do amazing things. So check your diet. By not doing, you are limiting yourself. And I know, our society is crazy. What we get at the supermarket is absolutely disgusting. A whole culture eating shit. Become aware of what gives you energy. To stay basic: Natural, unprocessed food is the best thing for you. This is just how it is. If you would try and be aware, you would immediately feel the difference in your energy level. Something I’ve experienced while I was a martial artist. The more you use your body, the more sensitive you become to “what is actually good to you”. Check www.menprovement.com if you want to go deeper into this. I’ve been hanging out with Sean Russell, the founder and CEO of Menprovement and this guy is an absolute genious when it comes to eat wisely. And no, this is not an affiliate link or anything. I just like to share the resources you can use. There are plenty of deep, profound articles about nutrition and ways on how to improve your health.

So back to being attractive: Once healthy, people feel it in your presence. It’s a vibration. We can rise our vibration for example with good food, exercising, meditation, being good to ourselves & being good to others.

Don’t stink. Be clean. But this comes back to being good to yourself anyways. So just sure you are aware of these things.

And let’s change the perspective for a second: Would you like to be with someone who looks sick, who smells bad, stinks out of the mouth, and, and, and…. By the way: Whenever you are insecure in your actions. Just try to change the perspective like we did just now. It’s an amazing thing to do in all areas of our lives.

5. Be Autonomous

You living a life you enjoy right? You having fun. You do what you love. Right? Not? Well you gotta change something. People who have fun, people who love, who have a purpose, who have passion and going their own way, are attractive. Love has an amazing vibration. If we are following the path we love, people are attracted to us. They want to pick up on that. Someone who is autonomous is someone who is full already. He doesn’t need anything to be happy. He doesn’t need anything to be full. For him, there is nothing to lose. There is only creation. He detaches himself from the outcome. Because he doesn’t need one.

A man who is passionate has stories, has something to share. And this is amazingly attractive.

But I know also, that these guys are not so common in our society as they should be. Many people lost their real purpose or never found it. Too many people search for something in order to be full. They lack in the understanding that everything they need is already here.

You can see this when people buy ridiculous things they don’t need. Or seek for partners. At the end of the day, everyone who is seeking and chasing the highs, won’t ever be fulfilled. If they don’t now, they won’t then.

As soon as you know what you really love, have your purpose and know what really matters, you will become an overall attractive man. As soon as you can let go of “needing” something. As soon as you stop fighting, chasing, seeking, you’ll become attractive. For that you got to know yourself, and that’s we start with step number one again.

It’s a journey. Don’t judge, don’t be upset with yourself. Don’t force. Relax. Accept. Enjoy what’s around you. Appreciate. Give unconditionally. And you will have so much fun. This is the path to become attractive.

If there’s anything on your mind you like to share, drop your comment below. I’m interested in your insights, experiences, and stories. If there are any questions from your side, drop it also below I will give my best to answer it for you.

Otherwise dive into the 3 part online course, which I will send to you for absolutely free. There, I will break down on a very specific level what you exactly need and can do to become attractive, charismatic and an absolute secure man. This will be very, very deep content. But it will show you amazing tools to grow in a very fast way.


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