• An excellent coach and one of the most caring and loving persons I’ve ever met.

    Bence Borsos - Founder of 'Fulfilled Hungary'
  • Sam is one of the most natural and beautiful guys I have ever met.

    Sean Russel - CEO of Menprovement
This is one side of me.

Megan Graham

I'm feeling myself opening up, and seeing life and love on a whole new level

I wanted to take a moment to share my love and gratitude. I can honestly say that I’ve never met another soul on this planet that embodies love and connection in such a pure and beautiful way. He has helped me connect with myself on such a deep level, and has supported me as peel back the layers, and step into my purpose and truth. It’s been an absolutely incredible experience. Sam holds the the most safe and loving space, and as we work together, I’m feeling myself opening up, and seeing life and love on a whole new level. I truly can’t say enough amazing things. They say when the students ready, the teacher will appear…

Megan Graham

Hi, my name is Sam…

I believe there is a power and beauty within every human being that is stronger than the mind can ever make sense of. We live in a world that is dominated by ‘thinking’ – by overthinking. A society where trust is missing. In ourselves and in others.

I realised that beyond the “thinking” is knowing. Beyond the mind there is love. And love doesn’t make sense to the mind. It won’t ever…

At one point we have to let go of control and to start to trust – To fall in love with the unknown. And this is where my art starts. This is where my gift in helping people lies in.

And this is our journey of  intimacy, of surrendering, of trust; and of incredible joy and love for life and for others.

As you are diving into my work, you may recognise yourself within it. Be curious, open minded and find your own truth in it. Because this is what the world needs in this time. More authenticity. More love. More intimacy. More of YOUR TRUTH! And I’m just your mirror.


John Cooper

One of the most vibrant characters you will ever meet

This guy is an astounding talent and world class coach. He has an advanced spiritual understanding and wisdom way beyond his years plus he’s one of the most vibrant and dynamic characters you will ever meet. Just being in this man’s presence is highly transformational.

John Cooper

Founder of Social Heartistry and author of the book 'Game Over'

Jamie Hänni

He shows you the way back to yourself

He’s like the sun. He’s just lightens up your day. You learn so much about yourself and he shows you the way back to yourself. You learn to apreciate life, you learn that it doesn’t have to be complicated, doesn’t have to be stressful, but simple and easy.

Jamie Hänni