You Attract What You Are – Case Study

A few days ago I was completing a coaching program with one of my clients. I just relistened to the call, and I stumbled upon a section of the call that I like to share with you. It’s a snipped of appreciation from a live-coaching call. Raw. Uncut.

And it describes so beautifully what people experience when they stop running away from themselves and face their shadows.

I would love to write a more detailed case-study about her in the future. As she was facing so many challenges, as a single mom, overworked, financial debt, a broken heart, family arguments… and as I’m writing this, I could go on and on with this list.

But what counts is not the struggle in the first place. It’s the way she gained back ‘control’ over her life. The point she decided to focus on WHAT SHE WANTS instead of what she doesn’t want.

You attract what you are

You ALWAYS attract what you are! It’s as if life puts a mirror in front of us… And it will challenge us until we “get it”.

So in order to change what we attract, WE need to change. Our attention (probably the most powerful asset we have as human beings) needs to shift.

And in order to shift the attention we need to become aware of where we are (consciously or not) looking all the time…

In Maggies case here; her life shifted completely when she got clear on what she actually wants.

It shows so clearly how powerful just this one shift can be. There’s a different energy behind approaching life. A different energy in the way we show up, and in the way we take action.

Wayne Dyer used to say:

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

I have discovered this phenomena in many people I was able to work with, and also in my own personal life. Once we start this journey ‘back to ourselves’, “BACK HOME”… we get more and more in alignment with who we truly are. As a result; things around us start to ‘align’ with us. We attract different people in our lives, different opportunities, different ‘coincidences’….

…and we naturally let go of the things that don’t serve us and is not in alignment with us. And most importantly, we start to live in authenticity and integrity. It is the most powerful place to live from. It’s where flow happens, it’s where love-making happens, it’s where we are at our ‘best’.

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