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Being Awake In Your Dreams (3min read)

Being awake in your dreams.

Have you ever experienced an ‘awakening’ while you were in a dream? Where you realised “wow, I’m dreaming”?

What changed in the way you approached the things that happened in the dream? What did you decide to do in that dream? Where you creative? Fearless? Joyful? Excited?

Waking up in a dream is when we come to realise that there are NO LIMITS. That we can create anything we want. That we are free. That we are the creators.

Here’s a 3 minute read about a man who didn’t just wake up yet. But it shows, in my eyes, such a beautiful example of us dreaming and discovering the beauty of life.

Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.
Henry David Thoreau

In dreams awake…

He is in deep sleep.

Not aware of his own imagination. He believes his nightmares to be real.

The break-up with his ex, his abusive past, his painful childhood memories, his feelings of loneliness, his frustration, his anger, his fear of the future, his fear of ending up alone, his fear of not being loved, his fear of not being enough, his fear of being a failure.

Dreams are interesting. They change their form over and over again – moment by moment.

The stories change rapidly. The high emotions, the lows, the fears, the anger, the feelings of joy and excitement, they come and go – they change like clouds in the sky constantly change their forms.

The dream world is a play of consciousness.

But each time his dreams seem so real to him. While just watching the horror movie, he believes to be a part in it.

He sees the things happen to him. And takes them personally. And as long as he believes to be in the movie he won’t realise that the choice of movie is his alone.

He is asleep in his own dream.

Sometimes he’s living a nightmare. He suffers. To him, it seems that there’s no escape. It seems so real, as if the struggle would never pass.

And then the moment comes. When the nightmare seems to be at its worst stage – when the horror reaches its peak.

He wakes up. He jumps up in his bed, tears up his eyes wide open. His body full of sweat, his heart ponding.

He realises that it was just a dream.

Nothing of it was real.

A moment before he wouldn’t have believed it. But looking from his perspective now, it’s so clear to him that he was just dreaming.

When we wake up, we don’t need to search for an explanation, the why, the how… We just know that the dream is not real. And that they are ever changing.

How amazing would it be, if he – while being in a dream – would become aware that he is dreaming?

He could design his own dream. He would be able to do whatever he wanted. We wouldn’t have to suffer anymore. He would choose to create the most magnificent things in his dreamworld. He could enjoy even the worst nightmares. As he would know that – after all – they are just dreams.

It’s morning. 7 Am. He slowly gets up. Drinks his coffee to get going. Picks up some breakfast on the way to work. Reads the newspaper with the latest terror and rape updates. Thinks, that he lives in a crazy world full of psychopaths. He enters the office, gets into a low mood because he sees his co-worker with whom he doesn’t get on well. He sits down at his desk. Hates his job. Checks the clock. 8 more hours to go. He has problems with his health, he will need to see the doctor soon, he thinks. He thinks about his ex-girlfriend and gets angry and sad at the same time. Then he imagines how it would be to do his own thing. To travel. To have fun. To create something that matters to him. Immediately he feels joy. Then he realises that he will never be able do all these things.

He is still sitting at his desk. He checks the clock. 7 more hours to go…

A nightmare.

When will he realise?



How would life be, if you would realise that even YOUR LIFE is a dream? What if you would awaken to you purest potential? There’s no fear, but like in dreams, there is creation, astonishment, fun, self-expression.

As a kid I often dreamed that I was running away from someone. And I just coulnd’t run fast enough. I felt paralized. Afraid, full of fear…

This is just one example of a very common ‘nightmare’. I definitely thought to be totally ‘in’ that movie.

Now 20 years later I see that things like these, happen in our society right now. We paralize ourselves. We are anxious, afraid, feel stuck…

All because they we are asleep in our own lives.

But there’s no need to feel stuck, to feel anxious and afraid.

We just haven’t fully woken up to who we truly are.

In less than 3 weeks I’m releasing the Fearless Human Connection Blueprint. It will guide you closer to your truth.

Because I deeply believe that it’s time to wake up. It’s time to step into joy, love, creation and intimacy without fear!

I’m incredibly excited for the upcoming weeks. More and more people are waking up. And things are slowly shifting!


Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

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