Coaching is Intimacy

Let's go deeper than you've ever gone before
" The coaching with Sam was truly life changing."
Armin Tabani
" An astounding talent and world class coach "
John Cooper - Founder of Social Heartistry
I’m a trained and professional coach. What I love about my work is the fact that I can go deep with another human being. Deeper than most have gone before. It is making love on a level that most have never experienced before.

For me, this act of intimacy means everything. It is where I can meet myself. Often I find my own teachings in those sessions.

Coaching is powerful. And it’s hard to say what it is exactly that makes it so powerful. I couldn’t believe it either before I experienced it as a client by myself. Since then, i know how impactful it is. It changed my life.

Now, ‘coaching’ is a word that has a different meaning to different people. For me it means intimacy. It’s ‘taking off the mask’, it’s being real – it’s surrendering to the truth that lies within each and everyone of us – but most of us have ignored it for their whole lives.

There’s something within every person that is higher than their beliefs, higher than their stories, higher than their fears. A place that doesn’t judge. It is a place that is not afraid but it loves. It’s a place that doens’t hold back – it’s self expression. It’s joy, it’s life. It is what we really are.

What I can see in the ‘results’ of my clients, is that I mainly help people to find this place within themselves. To trust and to embody their truth that has been supressed for years.

Taking off this ‘mask’ is a transformative experience. Also for me. Because the moment we realise that we can remove the walls of fear – that make us feel separated from the rest of the world – we start experience intimacy. An intimacy that goes beyond what I could ever describe in words. It is freedom.

I could go on for ages trying to write about the benefits and rules of coaching. In fact, that’s what most marketing advisors told me. But I believe that this work can’t be grasped in words. And if it’s grasped – then it would just be a bland description of something that can’t really be described.

It would be an attempt of the mind, of the intellect – to make sense out of something that can’t be made sense of. But transformation works on a deeper level. Not on the mind level but on an internal one. Some call it ‘the heart level’. This is where I want to go with you. This is all I’m interested in. Because love just doesn’t make sense to the mind.

Each one get’s always what he needs. I’m holding the mirror for you and together we discover the patterns that were hiding in the subconscious.

It has to be experienced. There’s no way to describe this. So what I would like to offer you is a free private coaching session with me. Where there is no mask, no holding back – where we allow ourselves to be human beings. It’s a place where flaws are accepted, where we can be real.

I’m interested in serving you. I don’t believe in sales-conversations. Because there will be a deeper knowing within both of us, if it would be nourishing to continuing working together. We will listen to that. We will check in, and if there’s a positive impulse, we will find a way together.

I’m not charging anyone for the first call but I ask for your committment to play full out. By filling in the inquiry, I’ll be able to get a first picture about you. Bring honesty with you – and we will be able to get straight to the core together. I look forward to meet you.


Application for a Coaching Session

Coaching Beyond The Mind

My work is hard to be explained. It has to be experienced. To me, it means intimacy. It means ‘taking off the mask’. It means to be real. This is the place where transformation happens.

What others say

An absolutely incredible experience

I’ve been doing one on one coaching sessions with Sam for just over a month now, and I wanted to take a moment to share my love and gratitude. I can honestly say that I’ve never met another soul on this planet that embodies love and connection in such a pure and beautiful way. He has helped me connect with myself on such a deep level, and has supported me as peel back the layers, and step into my purpose and truth. It’s been an absolutely incredible experience. Sam holds the the most safe and loving space, and as we work together, I’m feeling myself opening up, and seeing life and love on a whole new level. I truly can’t say enough amazing things. They say when the students ready, the teacher will appear…Sam is the guru!

Megan Graham

He knows your true potential

Sam Ryter. What can I say… This man gets it. I was drawn to him from the moment I saw him appear on the coaching scene, he is a unique individual with a beautiful energy. He is an amazing coach with a heart that truly engulfs the world and his clients with love. His coaching is calm, relaxed and he will allow you to go deep into yourself like never before and not feel a single bit judged for doing so. It’s so important to have someone like Sam to honestly see things within you that you may miss yourself. He will push you to new heights because he knows (really knows) your true potential and wants maybe even more than you do to see it unleashed into all that it can be! If you want to take your life to the next step Sam is the man for the job. He cares and he loves unconditionally.. that to me is selling enough. “

George Howard

An absolutely incredible experience

Sam is an amazing person and coach to work with if you’re ready to take the next step in your life. I have seen and felt the work he does and the value that he brings. I’ve been working with Sam over the last 6 months and it was a really helpful support for me. Sam is really great in showing up authentically and helping you to get out what’s already inside you. Helping you to get the mindset and confidence you need to take the action. If you’re ready for the next step and to make some changes in your life, Sam is absolutely one of the best persons I know to go to.

Vanja Pejic

Beyond my fears

Sam Ryter is giving powerful coaching sessions where you can find your real purpose in life. The coaching with Sam allows you to feel love. A form of love, that people rarely experience. It’s a reconnection to ourselves. Our true essence and power.

From that place of love you can remove your fears, your blocks and your limitations. Thats when your real purpose comes up to your consciousness and you can rise and shine and step into your true power and become the human being you want to be. 

Gergo Amon

I don't feel lonely

I am falling asleep, all alone in this rented apartment for the first time in over 1,5 years. And you know what? I dont feel lonely. Thank you Sam Ryter for our session. I can not express my gratiude, I am overwhelmed by the gratitude and the love I feel. I am not shivering or trembling from internal cold, but I feel acceptance and warmth coming from within.

I can not thank you enough for your having a voice in my experience.

Em Bee

Deep inside

Sam has an ability to ask the right questions and to go deep inside to gain clarity about some issues that are not easy to deal with. I really felt his genuine care and conviction that comes from his own life experiences. After our session together I felt a lightness and joy. Not many people can have that effect on someone.

Richard Hawting

One of the most natural guys

Sam is one of the most natural and beautiful guys I have ever met. I have never seen someone interact people, from such a place of love and giving as I have Sam. And without needing it, it results in having a more fulfilled life. Sam coaches individuals to achieve this higher vibration of living.

Sean Russell

CEO of Menprovement

Astounding Talent and Coach

I’ve been living with Sam for the past 3 months and this guy is an astounding talent and world class coach. He has an advanced spiritual understanding and wisdom way beyond his years plus he’s one of the most vibrant and dynamic characters you will ever meet. Just being in this man’s presence is highly transformational.

John Cooper

Founder of Social Heartistry

My Life-Changing Experience

I just spent two days of coaching with Sam and it was truly life changing. Sam made me much more self aware and this led me to discover things about myself I might never discovered alone.

Before I met Sam I was pretending to be someone else than myself. I was trying so hard to look confident, to be funny and intresting to prove to others I was good enough for them. I never realized that I was already good enough already. He helped me to open myself to people and express myself honestly. After this connecting to others felt effortless. I realised how I can express myself, to think of others, to live my purpose now and so much more.

Armin Tabani

Focus on my Real Power

It is pretty easy, if you are naturally an extrovert, to talk about what is on your mind. But even for me as an extrovert, it’s difficult to talk and be aware of what I actually feel. Sam helped me to stop for a second. To breath. To stop (over)thinking and to put my focus on my real power, my real beauty.

Sam is the only person I have ever met who was able to help me to make myself stop for a second. To make my mind clear and feel that I am good enough already. Living from this place is ultimately powerful. I am fine and I can listen to my heart. Now every time I get confused, I know now how to listen to my body and soul. This is the only right way and it ultimately gave me the trust in myself to make the right decisions.

I will always be grateful!

Borbala Eszteri


I can’t thank him enough for showing me and helping me on the path of finding deeper meaning in my connections with others. Thanks to that, I can more freely interact with people I meet whether on the streets, public transport, or other places. I can come from my heart making my interactions more genuine and meaningful both for me and the other person as well. It’s not just about interacting with people, coming from the heart makes us more creative in work, improves health, and overall fulfillment in life.

Tamas Bedo

High Performance Coach


 Sam Ryter is one of the most beautiful persons I know, he’s taught me so much about coming from my heart, that literally a guy like me, who had to get drunk before going to a club, can just dance the night away. Follow this mans blog, read his work and get in touch with him. He’s just amazing in bringing out that real essence of coming from the heart and getting out of your head. Throught that I was able to meet some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. I couln’t be happier. It was so simple.


Menprovement Academy Member

" Sam has an ability to ask the right questions and to go deep inside to gain clarity about some issues that are not easy to deal with."
Richard Hawting - Teacher
" One of the best coaches out there to build stronger connections … with yourself, your loved ones and the world in general."
Filip Van Houte - Coach at Habit Bootcamps
" Sam is just amazing in bringing out that real essence of power within you. "
Michael Petrut - Menprovement Academy
" When I spoke to him for a Skype session it was like he was in the same room and I was thinking how can this stranger understand me so well and make me see things more clearly."
Richard Yeeles