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Case Study – Dropping from the fearful mind into the ‘heart’ (5min read)

Case Study - Dropping from the fearful mind into the heart.

Dropping from the fearful mind into the heart: In the beginning of this year, I did some coaching-work with an awesome young man called Abo.

Yesterday he wrote me a message, that brought some tears into my eyes, and explains so well the transformational power of “going within” and of coaching itself.

A main focus of my work is to help people to drop from the mind (overthinking, overanalyzing, fear, feeling stuck) into the ‘heart’ (flow, enjoying life, love, self-expression, trust, intimacy, authenticity).

This is where I see my biggest gift. And also where I see my clients get the most ‘value’ from.

Abo is a great example for showing you what happens when we stop lying to ourselves and have the courage to ‘look within’. Here’s his message, and below I will be sharing some words and thoughts that lead to that ‘change’.

[…After working with you a few months ago, something happened that changed everything in me. All the fears that I “need to improve” myself have disappeared. I can see now, that those fears were rooted in a belief that “I wasn’t good enough” the way I am.
Without those fears, so many problems and a lot of stress have just dissolved.

I think I have just “learned” to trust and drop from my overanalyzing and fearful mind into my body. From that place I see life completely different. What I used to think “is needed” to improve myself in the past, has somehow lost its meaning to me. It just feels shallow and useless.

Once you find that love and acceptance within you, there is no need to “improve yourself” anymore. No need to try to “fix” anything. No need to chase more ‘wisdom’…]

One of the most important discoveries in life

The discovery that Abo made, is what I wish for people in this society.

This is where the passion of my work lies in. And this is the place I want to see more people to live from, because from that place most of the ‘problems’ just don’t make any sense anymore. In fact, they become almost laughable.

Often people don’t really allow themselves to ‘look within’.

It is scary, as there are many shadows (parts that we don’t want to know about) within. So it’s easier to blame the outside world, others, or even ourselves (meaning the mind, the thoughts, the body, the situation or other circumstances). This is a very common reaction.

As a result, we constantly ‘run’ and try to ‘fix’ things. Fix the looks, fix the relationship, fix the anxiety, fix the weaknesses… etc. Believing that one day, in the future, everything will be fixed and alright.

Now, here’s the interesting truth: Fixing the outside world is like trying to fix an effect of something that is fundamentally unstable. If something is fundamentally unstable, things on the surface will keep on breaking. It’s an endless run on a hamster-wheel.

Stop fixing and start creating

What Abo experienced is a sense of freedom.

Because what he did is, instead of fixing the outside, he took a look within. He started to face his shadows, the parts within. He deeply wanted to understand himself better. He was sick of the superficiality, sick of lying to himself.

He took the journey back to himself. And what we discover when we walk this journey, is where the BASE of my work lies: We discover the beauty within us. We discover love, acceptance and peace. Not only for our ‘good’ parts, but FOR EVERYTHING that we are.

Once we see that ‘beauty’ within, we can’t any different than to fall in love with ourselves.

A great master once said:

“When you fall in love with something, you don’t need to remind yourself anymore.”

In this case: Abo realised that he doesn’t need to chase something ‘outside of him’ – he doesn’t need to remind himself that he is ‘good enough’. He just KNOWS! In this place of ‘trust’ we start creating, playing, being – enjoying life fully.

Dropping from the mind into the heart

This is the place where we ‘drop from the mind into the heart’. Where we create opportunities. Where we don’t ‘beat’ ourselves up anymore.

It’s this act of self-acceptance that let’s people to truly express themselves. It’s what brings people closer and experience more intimacy. It is what lets us live in the moment, from a place of love. Or how I like to call it: From the heart!

It’s what lets us living in a state of flow. This is when we are at our best! And it’s this place that removes the ‘blockages’ or ‘problems’.

I dedicated my life and work to that discovery. It’s one of the most important discoveries we can make.

The transformations in my work don’t happen because I’m adding ‘more things’. Of course there are some core understandings that are important. But what I’m focussing on is on stripping off the BS.

I’m getting people naked. So naked that they can see themselves.

Because the more people experience their ‘innate strenght/power/beauty/potential (or however you want to call it), the more peace and love there will be in their lives.

Less problems, more understanding. Less fear, more creation. Less needing to impress, more expression.

Ready to strip of the BS?

I’m still accepting applications for “Loving the Unkown”: The 15 week group coaching program! Starting on the 8th of August and there are only 5 spots available. This is an incredible opportunity to get direct coaching and support over more than 3 months. We will unpeel the layers that prevent you from seeing your truth, that beauty within.

Your investment is 997 USD and you’ll get free and full access to the “Fearless Human Connection Blueprint” (47USD) and the “Deep Dive Experience” (247 USD). In fact going through those 2 online programs will be an important part in the group coaching program!

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