My Experience On A Silent Retreat, Love, Connection & The Question About Purpose

I enjoy making videos at the moment – so I guess I just go with it. In the video today I’m talking about:

  • My experience on a silent retreat
  • Finding inner peace through placing the attention inwards
  • Do what you love to feel alive
  • Question about “Purpose”
  • Leaving conversations with more energy instead of feeling drained
  • How we naturally connect to others
  • The root of worries, fears, frustration and depression
  • How to disidentify from the mind and your limiting beliefs

If you like the video, please let me know in the comments (it’s always, always good feedback for me).

Please also comment your own thoughts about purpose, love and being in peace with yourself. Your story interests me! Please share it below, or directly write an email to me.

Other ways I can help you

If you are unhappy or frustrated with your relationships, or feel that there must be something more available to you – then you’ve got to look within first!

I’m sharing the process I’ve gone with all the people I worked with in the new program called “The Fearless Human Connection Blueprint”. The truth is that you have everything you need already within you to easily, fearlessly connect and create loving, beautiful relationships – you just have been conditioned that you don’t.

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This is what Michael said for example after we have gone through this process:

Sam’s just amazing in bringing out that real essence in you and helping helping you to live from the heart and getting out of your head. Throught that I was able to meet some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. I couln’t be happier. It was so simple.

Or Artur

Ever since I’ve met Sam, I can express myself much more freely with women and generally with people. Life became just much simpler. I can really express myself from the heart without thinking ahead, but being present. I’m so grateful.

Or Bori

Sam is the only person I have ever met who was able to help me to make myself stop for a second. To make my mind clear and feel that I am good enough already. Living from this place is ultimately powerful. I am fine and I can listen to my heart. Now every time I get confused, I know now how to listen to my body and soul. This is the only right way and it ultimately gave me the trust in myself to make the right decisions.

The truth is within you! And I created this program because I wanted everyone being able to make this discovery! The world needs more people who have the understanding of human connections, and who are also able to hold a safe and non-judgemental space for others.

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