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Habits of Happiness (6min read)

What makes me happy? I focussed so long on materialistic things, on the status things… I was searching for it. A lot. :) In this article I share my thoughts on happiness.

I used to see friends. Then I only saw strangers. And I’m now at a point where I start to see more and more friends again.

I’m connected to everything. We all are. Everything we do has an effect, a causality, a reason. And we human beings share an overall, main reason why we do things. We want to be happy. As soon as I realized this, I changed my way of being.

This article is a little manisfesto about how I see the world and my formula of what makes me happy.

I dedicated my life to look at society in a skeptical way. I know, I will never convince anybody – I don’t want to. But I know that I can inspire people to look at the world from a different perspective.

My name is Sam Ryter I’m a former martial artist and a blogger, coach and speaker. I decided to live the life I want to. I decided to express myself rather than trying to impress others. The advantage of it: My content is pure. It comes out of my heart. It’s raw, uncut and I stand behind it with all my heart. I write out of inspiration. I write about things people care but often not talk about. I’m probably one of the only writers who don’t care at all about spelling mistakes. English is not my mother language and I don’t care. Content is important. I want to be myself and it just takes too much time to correct all the spelling issues ;)

This article is about how I see the world. It’s about how I live, how I work. And mainly – because I’m not there yet – where I want to go.

At the end of the day, I just want to be happy.

To start off. I want you to question our main reason why we do things. It’s pretty simple. Because we want to be happy. Happiness. And to make it simple, I will call it love. Because happiness is fulfillment, and fulfilment is love. At its roots these things are the same anyways. So why make it difficult…

The only thing which separates us, is our individual idea how to find love. Some do it with fighting. Some buy a new watch. Some live in a huge mansion. Some watch porn. Some eat gyros. Some go out and get smashed. Some are sitting in a cave meditating. Some people kill. Some fuck. Some want money. Some read self-help books. Some scroll down on facebook. Some play music. Some use tinder. And some just want to be famous. A VIP, a celebrity.

The word love lost it’s realness. It’s been abandoned by society. I can’t count how many labels we have given to this “feeling”, or however you want to call it. There is this “relationship”-Love, there is the “Parenting”-Love, Brother-Love. Some love their jobs, some love their hobbies.

It’s confusing. Love itself, the feeling of love, is the same. Let’s take a look at it. Love on the deepest level stays the same. Whatever we do. There is no difference. There are no rules. It is infinite. But we give love labels and through that we are limiting love from what it really is.

The misery starts here. And I decided to take another journey. I don’t want to live a life limited by labeling the most infinite thing. I decided to take a different path. Hiding from the system, philosophy, giving my own personal little gift to the world and mostly: To enjoy what’s now.

The beauty is here already. I’ve had this realization when I was training for a fight in the north of Thailand. My trainer lived in a self-made house. 2 square meters. Nothing. But… He was happy. And not only happy. He had such an inspiring energy. We never talked about this. But this is exactly what I mean by “inspire”. To live it. No words were needed. You can’t teach a lifestyle. You can’t teach being awesome, fulfilled, happy. But you can inspire. He inspired me. He send me into this direction. And I will inspire others.

The amazing thing: I don’t have to be good enough for anyone. People who resonate, they like it. People who don’t they just don’t have to pick up on it.

There are no rules.

I tried to find so many ways in order to be happy. Until I realized that everything we need is already here. It’s love. And we can find it right now. If we would open our eyes. Come into the moment. If we would look left and right for a second. It’s here already. It’s the foundation of everything. The energy which makes the impossible possible. The energy which makes the poor rich and the sick healthy. It’s the energy which is called love. Some call it flow. Some call it presence. Total absence of any worries. Total absence of limiting beliefs, labels, judgements – also known as fear. The opposite of love and the incredible power within. Let’s say these things who come when we either think about the past or in the future but not being present.

Love. We don’t need any more. It’s that simple.

I do coaching, I do speeches, I write. I don’t have a plan. I don’t follow structure, I don’t care. What I care is about the place we are coming from. Either if it’s from the heart or from the ego. Fear or love. And this is a decision everyone has to make by himself, day after day. I’m not a guru I don’t know shit, the only thing I know is that it feels right to be myself and to life a live of true expression.

I still have the chatter in my head.

It’s human. It’s the voice of the ego who is constantly talking and letting us know what could be better, that we have to have more, that we are not good enough and so on…. Still, no matter what we have, no matter where we are. The voice will probably always be here and it’s not about fighting against it. It’s about accepting it. Relax. And this is what’s so interesting about it. People always try to fight, to chase, to claim, to convince, to force.

Everything which is set up in order to please others to get something out of it, will never reach its full potential. The full potential relies within the mindset of “wanting the best for the others” and not caring about what’s coming back. It has nothing to do with our ego.

We spend years of studies about subjects we are not even interested about. We don’t even care. But we do it for a piece of paper who says that we have graduated. We suck the dicks of the big bosses for years in order to make “career”. We do ridiculous things in order to be successful. We go to war against each other to make peace. These are all acts of fear who cover the love who is already here. We don’t have to fight for the things we have already. We just have to open up to it.

It starts inside ourselves. We don’t have to change the world. We have to polish our inner diamond and how we look at the world. How we interact with people. How we create. How much we love. How much we give without expecting anything back. And exactly that’s where I try to inspire.

I mean, anything can happen. It’s a small thing I do. But I see my purpose in here. There’s love. There’s the power and passion. I’m not afraid of the future, I’m excited. It feels right. And I’m still breathing. I’m happy and this is what counts.

What makes you happy? Post your thoughts, comments and experiences down below!

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Thanks for reading. Thanks for your comments and shares! Much love.


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