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Ending the inner war and creating the life you want (4min read)

There’s a beautiful quote from Mother Theresa:

“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

And war doesn’t only happen between countries. It often happens within us…

How would this world change if we would start to focus on what we want, instead of keep on fighting against what we don’t?

There is energy in everything. In fact, everything is energy. And we can give things energy by giving it attention.

Knowing what you want

It seems to be a human condition to exactly know what we don’t want. Because after all, this is what seems to be real.

Fear always looks real through the eyes of the victim.

On the other hand we rarely have a clear idea of what we deeply want. Because after all, this would be just an imagination.

An imagination we have been taught to give no value, as we slowly grew up in a society of ‘realistic thinking’.

The mind has always been struggling to make sense out of love. And what can’t be understood loses its value.

And so, it becomes easy to live in a world of fear. In a world of threat, of complain, of blame, of separation. A world the mind, at least can make sense of.

I use this as a first and fundamental step when I start working with someone. Getting clear on what you want. Because the better we can see what we want, the easier it is to tap into a place of enthusiasm and make a conscious step closer to it.

What I often experience – the more clarity people have, the less they have to ‘work’ towards ‘it’. The things they want seem to appear naturally in their lives. A bit of trust is needed here and a bit of patience.

With our thougths, we make the world – Buddha

When someone knows exactly what he doesn’t want – and he hasn’t even thought (or felt) about what he actually, deeply wants. That shows me so clearly on what this person is currently attracting in life.

You get what you are. And I believe it’s really not about neglecting the ‘bad’ – as I don’t know what good or bad even means – but about dissolving the resistance.

Can I accept war as it is? Without needing to fight it?

And can I focus and place my attention on what I want instead?

The demon of war is feeded by more threat, by more violence, by more resistance.

How can a war exist if there’s no one interested in fighting?

I am for peace and not against war. 

Things happen in life, that are unpleasant. And there are times, where I find myself at war. At war because I’m fighting a battle within me or against something that upsets me.

This is part of the human experience. Part of the learning. Part of evolving.

But we have the choice to live in peace. And this choice goes beyond the question if we are physically living in war territory or in a peaceful mansion at the beach.

I am for peace and not against war.

And as soon as one has the ability to set the focus on what he loves, on what he deeply wants – he starts to create a different world for himself.

People will notice. May say: “You have changed.” “You look great.” “You look happier.”

He will notice.

And he will attract more of what he wants and find trust in his power.

His world will change.

But the unpatient will always struggle. And the patient will find peace.


If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Dr. Wayne Dyer

Do you find yourself at war sometimes?

What are the biggest battles that you fight? Let me know in the comments below!

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