The Art Of Loving Fear

The art of loving fear

THE ART OF LOVING FEAR – It’s the moment just before the start that always scares me the most…

The moment just before taking action. When I don’t know what’s next. And afraid of the unknown fear comes up.

And I experience this daily. Read more

Creating And Manifesting Anything

Creating and Manifesting anything

Since I was around 14 years old I started to “play” with this law of attraction and started to realise that we literally create our own experiences.

By the age of 19 – when I was fighting as a Muay Thai -Athlete in Thailand – the immense physical and also mental challenge forced me to take a closer look on how we actually create our own reality. Read more

Finding Your Life Purpose???

Have you ever asked yourself this: What the hell am I here for? :))

It’s a seemly enless question about our life-purpose. We can literally go crazy about it.

But… What is this “thing”​​​​ called life-purpose?

It seems that everyone talks about it, but who knows what it actually is?

What if “purpose” is an idea of the mind itself?… And what if in truth it is not really a thing? It doesn’t really exist?


Purpose is something we all have just an idea of, and everyone seems to have a different one.

Like love or freedom… there are “things” in life the mind is too limited to make sense out of.

So, what are we actually all running towards to?

Today I’d like to share with you how I experience this “thing” called purpose. And how you can get more clarity on your personal life-path… :)

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