The Story Of The Lion And The Sheep-Herd (5min read)

One day a little lion baby lost its mother. Helplessly the baby was sitting in the grass, hungry, unable to take care of himself and about to starve out.

After a while a sheep herd passed by. You could hear them from far away “meeh, meeeh, meeeh”.
While they were passing, one of the sheeps stopped and recognised the starving little lion. The sheep picked up the baby, took care of him, fed him, and before you realise, the little baby lion already became a part of the sheep-clan. Read more

The Seeker (1min)

I would love to feel alive
I would love to feel free
I would love to love
Why can’t I?

He was looking for it and could never find it.
He tried everything.
He fought for it, he suffered.
And yet it never came.

The journey to freedom is a hard one.
An impossible one.
That’s what he concluded.
And he was right. Because this is what he believed.

He will never find it as long as he is seeking it.
He will never see it as long as he is looking for it.
He will never arrive as long as he believes it to be a destination.

Darkness is on its way. Not to hurt him. But to give him what he needs – to wake him up.

What you are looking for, is already where you are looking from. St. Francis of Assisi

My Experience On A Silent Retreat, Love, Connection & The Question About Purpose

I enjoy making videos at the moment – so I guess I just go with it. In the video today I’m talking about:

  • My experience on a silent retreat
  • Finding inner peace through placing the attention inwards
  • Do what you love to feel alive
  • Question about “Purpose”
  • Leaving conversations with more energy instead of feeling drained
  • How we naturally connect to others
  • The root of worries, fears, frustration and depression
  • How to disidentify from the mind and your limiting beliefs

Read more