The Power Of Your Energy (4min read)

Especially on nights out I see it a lot. Also women who tell me lots of stories about how creepy some guys are, when they try to start conversations with them.

“Why can’t it be just ‘normal’ and easy? Every guy thinks he has say something special. That’s so weird.”

I had to smile because I was in the same position. There are some things – underneath the surface – I didn’t understand. Some things that are always here, but things that most people ignore, and that makes men creepy.

In the video I’d like to share with you what it is all about. That it is not about the words you say, or the actions you take. You can even give away trash. And people accept it.

It’s the place you are coming from, the vibe that makes the difference. Only being aware of this can change your dating, sex and social life forever. It was one of the most liberating thins in my evolutions. I became free. Free of my own limitations.

I also like to give you a little understanding, why some guys are creepy, where this fear comes from and why we think we have to prepare the perfect sentence or having the perfect body language in order to be liked by women.

Now, I understand the situation of the modern man. It’s hard. And there is a lot of pressure. I wrote another article about it. But in short: While we grow up, we implement a believe system of having to be Mr. James Bond. A lot of pressure. Because it’s an illusion.

So that’s why I get many emails with questions like: “Can I say this?” or “What would you say in that situation?”

I wanted to make this blog. Because it’s a misunderstanding of what it is all about. And I like to show you how you never have to care anymore what to say or do.

A lot of dating companies work on the surface level. And well, we can focus on what to say. We can focus on how we look like, we can focus on our body language. It’s focussing on ourselves. People often do it. Because they are afraid of something.

I don’t believe in it. It doesn’t give me anything. It is too much effort, too much stress. I believe in simplicity, love and authenticity.

Focussing on technicalities is an insecurity. A fear of losing. A fear of not being enough. Constantly being stressed, not knowing what to say. We are holding back what we really have to share.

Now, I experienced the same. And that made me socially worse than ever. I tried to fit in. I focussed so much on myself that I forgot about the other person. No wonder that other people were turned off by this mentality.

Focussing on what to say, what to do or how to act is focussing on ourselves. You will always have problems. You will always feel awkward because through that you will never be able to connect.

It’s selfish! Afraid to give. We are afraid of ourselves. We forget that there is something that’s more important than “how we act”. It’s this energy “that just feels good”.  We can’t see it. People FEEL it.

People are not creepy because they say the wrong things. People are creepy because they project a weird energy.

But that’s starts within yourself. You’ve got to be able to give. To let go of the illusionary need to get something out of it.

So focussing on ourselves, of not fucking it up is a misunderstanding of human connection and I was looking for a way to show this to you.

I’m coaching men all over the world to lose the fear of expressing themselves and to enjoy conversations with women. Not once I cared about what they said. The only thing I’m focussing on is the place they are coming from.

As people have the ability to come “from a good place”. Not from the “beggar-place” but from the “giver-place”. Then there is nothing to lose. Literally nothing.

It’s interesting how the fear disappears, how connections are built. Immediately. It’s fascinating how even the not-so-handsome guys become loved by people, by beautiful women, because they don’t need anything. They can create, offer and share. Nothing holds them back. That’s so attractive.

I see a society where we have forgotten what it is like to give unconditionally. We want the things so badly but we don’t see that these things come, when we can let go of them.

I hope this video inspires and helps you. It should be a metaphor for all areas of our lives.

As you are able to come from a higher vibration, you won’t ever have any problems and questions about “what to say”. You will be able to create out of the moment. This is the magic. This is where we can connect with others. From human to human.

Do you see parallels in your life, where the same principle applies? Let me know in the comments.

See you soon


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Sam Ryter

Sam Ryter is an author and professional coach. He helps people to create deeper and more fulfilling relationships with others, the world and themselves.

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