1. July 2017 Sam Ryter

The Seed And Its Potential (3min read)

About the beauty of life. About the laws of nature, about the perfection that is innate within everyone and everything.

I’m sitting on the couch, staring at the window, where there’s a little plant sprouting.

A few weeks ago I had this calling to take the seed of a fruit, water it and let it unfold into new life.

I wasn’t sure at all what will happen, since I’ve never done anything like this before.

1 week passed, and I discovered that through the seed, some tiny little roots came alive.

Another week later I found 2 roots slowly climbing their way out of their core.

And each week more and more life unfolded. After a while I bought a pot, filled it with soil and planted the seed with its roots.

What I see now, on this Saturday morning, astonishes me. And I see myself and the beauty of life in those leafs.

Who would have thought that out of a single seed such beauty can be expressed?

The seed was so patient. She took her time. As if she knew that she will unfold into something larger than one could ever imagine.

No need to strive for beauty, she already embodies it. Deep in her core.

She’s growing by not trying. There’s no force. Not force or control but trust is the soil of beauty.

She enjoys the love of the sunlight. The showers of the rain. She goes with what life gives to her.

One day this sprout will grow into a giant tree. She is not afraid of her power. Because she knows it is her nature.

She doesn’t need to be the giant tree now – as everything has its time. She doesn’t need to be afraid of growing into something different – as nature has its plan for her and will guide her to her truth.

There’s need for her to take control – she can’t. But to enjoy growth. To go with the seasons. To be astonished by the new perspectives she gets while evolving.

It’s because she let go of control, she allows herself to grow – more than we could have ever imagined.

She trusts in life. Even though, as a seed, it might seemed impossible to be a giant tree, one day.

Usually for the seeds, such scenarios are hard to imagine.

And yet there is potential in every seed. A potential that overwhelms the imagination of the mind.

And maybe it’s a potential that the seed doesn’t need to understand.

But if the seed is solely surrounding herself with things that nourish her, her nature will take care of the rest.

She will rise, she will grow, and she will give back to the world.

She will realise that there was a time to be a sprout. A time to be small, a time to learn, a time to be supported. And that she needed all the seasons to become a strong tree.

One does not simply change from a seed into a tree. But what if nature allows us to transcend, to evolve, to experience? Every stage has its beauty. The one who accepts grows in peace, the one who doesn’t suffers.

And one day, even the giant tree will collapse into nothingness – and new seeds will sprout.

There’s nothing to control about.

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Sam Ryter

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