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Simple trick to stop worrying and to snap yourself out of negativity (6min read)

Stop worrying and start living. A simple trick how to worry and fear less.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a problem? You worried and from that place, it was hard for you to find any solution to it? Over the last 4 months, I’m visiting two energy healers who taught me a simple but profound lesson, on how I can snap myself out of those negative patterns and to stop worrying.

It happens so quickly. One simple thing can trigger us and we react emotionally to it. When I was younger, a simple occurrence in the morning could ruin my whole day. I told myself that I had a bad-day. And throughout those days I kept on attracting struggles (that reaffirmed that I was right… “Yes, of course this has happened, because I’m having a bad day…”).

Being in those patterns can be challenging, and it can be hard to break out of them. They work like a downward spiral. We call it the devils-loop in my country. It’s the same phenomena as when we are having a win-streak… just the other way round…

Around 4 months ago I started visiting two energy healers and they helped me tremendously to break out of those patterns. I was conscious on how much they hold me back at times. How much fears guide me and affect my behaviour in ways that are not really beneficial to me.

I see it over and over again in the whole society, and being able to break out of those patterns can give us wings to create, to love, to enjoy life.

Since I’m applying the technique they taught me, I feel a major change in the way I respond to ‘problems’, the way I feel. It helped me so strongly that I like to share it with you here.

1. Becoming aware of your patterns

Often we are not even aware of those patterns that keep us trapped in a downward cycle. We rather start to blame others or ourselves than being aware that it’s just a pattern we’re in.

Those patterns establish by time as we grow up. They fill a certain need. For example people who are always blaming others, often unconsciously fill their internal needs for significance. A pattern of worrying fills a need of getting love from others, because as I complain, people would come and ask “ooh, Sam what happened?”

But those negative patterns don’t really serve us. We lose track on reality. We miss the beauty that’s surrounding us. And we spend the whole energy on worrying, complaining and so on…

It’s normal to fall into patterns. We live by patterns all the time. But some are beneficial to us and some not.

Becoming aware of those unbeneficial patterns is really the first step. Sometimes we WANT to worry, and I believe there is nothing bad about it.

But as we are in a bad state, and aware, we can make a decision.

Stop worrying is a decision.

Worries are a part of being human.

2. Sequence to stop worrying

Now, as we decide to break out of a negative pattern (because maybe you want to spend your energy on something productive), you can use the following sequence:

Take yourself a moment. Slow down.

I know that can already be challenging. Slowing down means to face what’s going on within. Often we try to avoid that. But that’s how it’s done. Ultimate self-healing is finding the way back to you and not constantly running away.

People who constantly run away from their fears are affected over and over again by their subconscious needs by filling a deep hole within them. Cigarettes, alcohol, overeating… those are all avoidance mechanisms. I talk more about those avoidance mechanisms here: http://www.samuelryter.com/overthinking/

  1. But take yourself 3-4 minutes. You deserve it.
  2. Slow down and breathe into your heart. Focus and give attention to your heart area in your body.
  3. Imagine that every inhale you take is filled with love.
  4. With every inhale you take, the love expands in your heart.
  5. Do this until you feel a feeling of appreciation. You might start to smile.
  6. As you start smile, you know you’re there.

3. Your energy shifts as you stop worrying

Your energy shifts. And what happens is that your state of fear has changed into a state of appreciation.

You start to see the bigger picture. And this is exactly the key to live a life without stress.

I’m journaling for the last 4-5 years and I discovered over and over again that the worries I had 2 weeks ago, seemed so pointless to me later. They are ridiculous, but in that moment they seemed so big, so real, so huge.

What happened after 2 weeks?

What actually happens is that we have distance to the ‘problem’. We see our world back then from a higher perspective. We see the whole picture.

And that’s what’s so powerful and devastating when we worry. We are like a playing figure on a chess field. As this figure, we have no idea, what to do next. Our actions become irrational, because we don’t see the whole game. Everything seems so overwhelming.

To handle the problem, to make the right steps, and to be calm even in the most intense moments, we have to zoom out. We have to be the player of the chess game. We have to see the whole field.

Time handles that usually. But we all can zoom out in every moment.

Praise and celebrate by oprah winfrey

We can always stop worrying and start living

In conclusion, being worried and negative is always a decision. Maybe sometimes we need it. It’s also okay to worry. It’s also okay to be stressed. But it’s always a decision.

As we become more aware of ourselves, as we are more conscious of our patterns, and as we learn and understand ourselves better, we can zoom out of those situation whenever we want.

A great teacher once told me: “Always see things from a higher perspective, and if you can’t say ‘how fantastic’ you can still say ‘how interesting’”.

And I really believe that’s what’s live about. To learn, to experience, to see things differently. And to enjoy, love and live fully.

Try it now!

This exercise works always, and in every situation. You don’t even have to feel bad for it. But most people read something, and then NEVER take action. But we always learn by experience.

So I’d like to add an extra minute to this article. Try it out. It’s just 60 seconds of your day. I mean, I’m sure you can make that time up again… ;)

Breathe into your heart. Imagine the air you breathe in contains pure love. Breathe in all the love. 4-5 times. Keep on focussing on the heart. And make the inhales more intense.

As your head and thoughts pop in to distract you, just tell them, that after 60 seconds they can again think and work as much as they want.

And as you finished, please let me know what happened to you in the comments! What did you experience? Was this article helpful? Please let me know, and drop your feedback. I love reading your insights, and thoughts, and I appreciate every feedback!

If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends, it helps me tremendously to spread the word and keep producing ad-free, high quality content. Thank you and I’m incredibly grateful to have you here!

Thanks for reading and see you next week!


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