13. June 2017 Sam Ryter

The Story of a Boy and a Girl (2min read)

Here’s a story of a boy and a girl – and the dance of their lives.

When he saw her for the first time, he felt a rhythm, a spark within.
When she saw him for the first time, she felt this urge to get closer, to explore.

Their eyes met. Something was in the air. Both knew. And both weren’t sure if the other could feel it too…

The dance begins. It’s a dance of attraction. A dance around the unknown. A dance we all have observed before. A dance that involves hesitation, doubts, insecurities – and those make it even more exciting.

Both choose to experience fear sometimes – in order to get a deeper sense of what love is. It creates a contrast, a shadow, in order to see the light.

So here they are, dancing with each other. Both know – yet both like to be unsure sometimes. Because behind the fear, the bond has already happened.

Some keep on dancing for their whole lives. And the moment they unify, they will find another contrast. And maybe the dance is life itself – without ending and beginning. And it’s the dance itself that keeps us alive.

We step closer, we step back. We test. We play. We feel. We move from excitement into arousal, into stillness, into peace, into love, into worry, into doubt, into fear, into excitement… Enjoying the dance. It involves everything.

Every emotion, every motion, every sound acts as a part of the whole. Nothing is either bad or good, there’s no judgement, no need to suffer – it is life itself. It’s all part of the dance – and without the contrast, the dance would fall apart.

And if one can observe the dance instead of trying to make sense out of the moves, he can see that every move that is considered a mistake is never one.

The boy and the girl don’t need to study the dance. They can’t. Their moves happen spontaneously, and that’s when the connection happens. Perfection happens, when we don’t seek it. When we trust.

No need to worry. Dancing is beauty. Expressed out of the moment. And we’re just boys and girls, here to enjoy the dance.


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Sam Ryter

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