22. August 2017 Sam Ryter

The Cycle of Moods (2min read)

Once we start to observe ourselves more, we start to realise that also we go through cycles. Like nature has its seasons, like the moon has her phases, like the tides are changing – so do we, as human beings have different seasons.

We can observe that clearly in the menstrual cycle of women. But, in fact, we all have our cycles. If all of nature is going through the cycle of birth, flourishment, aging and death why wouldn’t we have our own cycles. In fact, life itself is one big cycle.

In a society where people get robotized this truth gets completely ignored. The same performance is expected every single day, without taking into consideration that we are deeper connected to nature than we may want to believe. We are nature.

But on the core we have moods, we have ups and downs – our emotional tides, if we dare to feel!

For some people, this article would not say anything. “What emotions? What are you talking about?” Especially for me as a man, it was an absolute no-go to allow myself to cry and to deeply feel emotions of sadness. A real man doesn’t cry. But what about being human?

We can shift this paradigm right here!

Since we are little, we learn to be someone or something that is so different from our core. We are often so disconnected from ourselves that we don’t even know our own bodies, what food is good for us, what feels right or wrong or going to trust the gut feeling.

Understand that we all have our cycles. And that’s okay.

Sometimes we feel confident, sometimes more shy, sometimes we feel talkative, sometimes we feel more introverted, sometimes we want to be crazy, sometimes we just want to relax.

And that’s amazing!

We have our moods. We have our cycles and they come and go. And it’s time for us to accept this.

I often like to say:

The quality of the relationships you experience with others equals the quality of the relationship you’re having with yourself.

Now, how many of us go to war with themselves, on a daily basis? Expecting ourselves to always feel “good”. We engage in an internal battle and try to force ourselves out of certain emotions. We “beat” ourselves up for being or feeling a certain way.

What about this: Can we see that every season has its own beauty? Its own gifts?

Can we love ourselves for all that we are?


Photo by Frantzou Fleurine on Unsplash

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