16. July 2017 Sam Ryter

The story of the unfulfilled dream (1min read)

He had an urge in his heart to create something that deeply matters to him.

First he didn’t know what it was and in the beginning he didn’t even want to know. It scared him to dream.

But by listening more, he just couldn’t unsee anymore that somehow enthusiasm is willing to guide him.

His time didn’t come. It was and is here. Always, waiting for him to step into his truth.

The question was: Can he trust in the unknown? Trust that life unfolds itself? Trust that heartcentred action doesn’t know failure?

But the unknown is considered evil.

He found it hard to start. To try something. To step out of his comfort zone.

He could create mistakes. He could be judged and hurt. He could not fulfill his own expectations…

He saw too many possibilities to stay in fear. Too much potential to fail.

It was better not to start. Better not to do anything.

Because by staying inactive, he’ll stay safe. Forever. And he will die. Without having ever lived.

At least he was safe.


Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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Sam Ryter

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