15. October 2015 Sam Ryter

You are more than you think

It’s probably full of mistakes, but I don’t care. The message is significant and can change your life. I want to share it with you now.

I’ve had an experience, who goes far beyond what we think is “real”. I experienced everything and nothing at the same time. I was in trance. I’ve seen things I didn’t wanted to see, first. I’ve seen the truth. At least glimpses of it. I’ve seen what it’s all about. I’ve seen the synchronicity.

I’m sharing this with you to get a better understanding of the world. A better understanding of our relationships with other people, of “success” and the quality of our lives.

Imagine you are more than your body! Could you live with that? Imagine all the concepts, all the believes, your whole identity is proven wrong. I experienced it. And I thought I’m dying. In fact, it was a little ego-death. I experienced a state where I had access to the greater wisdom. It was a fight. A hard one. The worst fight I’ve ever had in my life. The fight between the universal truth and my ego.

I was awake. I remember a voice in my head at the beginning of it. It said:”Hey, you are not Sam, you’re not what you think you are, you are not your life, you’re not the coach, not what you thinkg… You are more.”

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? I left my body. I’ve seen my inner being, my beauty. I can’t describe it in words. It was unbelievably beautiful. It goes far beyond what we think is beauty. If seen the true beauty of the beings on this planet. Overwhelming… It made me cry.

My consciousness left my body. And I was in this place where everything and nothing existed. This video describes it perfectly:

Scary.  I reached a state where I could smell everything. You can’t describe it in words. It’s so much. I heard everything. Sounds who I’ve never heard in my life before. I’ve seen everything. Time didn’t exist. Locations didn’t exist. I was everywhere. There was no such thing as language but communication and understanding.  I’ve seen the illusion of material. I’ve seen how earth is just a construct in our mind. I realized that I created this life, this room, this table in front of me. That everything is connected. I’ve seen that the, so called, “reality” was just the construct of my mind.

So what am I? I’m everything. I’m you. You are me. We are one. Can you imagine how scary this is at first, when you realize that you are everything? Wait… being everything means being alone. I felt so much pain in this moment, and I tried to come back to “reality”. My ego didn’t want to accept. It was too much pain. I didn’t want to know.

There must be a source of knowledge and wisdom we can connect. I was Buddha, I was Jesus at the same “time”. I knew that time doesn’t exist.

That’s why I stuck in this cycle of questions:

  • If I’m god, why am I here?
  • What the fuck am I supposed to do?
  • Why am I everything?
  • What’s beyond the universe?
  • Fuuuck it’s too much, I don’t want to know!

The cycle started again. And again. There is no time, so there was no way out, I knew that, but my ego  tried to figure out, desperately. Disgusting, insane.

I realized that we are nothing but energy. I wondered what would happen if I kill myself. I wasn’t afraid of death anymore. But as this thought came to my mind, I realized that there is a reason why I created this human body. That there is a reason to be on this planet. I have a gift for this planet. I have incredible things to share, I can help making this planet a better place. This is what it’s all about.

I was still stuck in this cycle. Time doesn’t exist, so while I was in this conscious state, I knew that I will have the same thoughts over and over again because it’s timeless. Is this how I’m programmed? Is this how it works? Asking the same questions over and over again? I’ve seen myself as a radiating field of energy in space. There was nothing but everything. It’s impossible to describe.

Having the same questions over and over again is not a complete state of consciousness. The ego is still involved. It wants to know everything.

It was a moment by moment fight between my ego and the truth. Heaven and hell. It was absolutely insane. This fight lasted until I was so exhausted that I couldn’t fight anymore. I surrendered, I gave up, I accepted.

And then something happened which changed my life forever. Something that will change my way of living, my way of coaching. Something happened which describes how we can reach a state of love and peace. How we can get out of trouble and live a life of fulfillment and relaxation.

During the fight, the atoms, the energy were radiating so fast. It was so scary, it was not nice at all. But as soon as I accepted, as soon as I didn’t try to fight it anymore, the “universe” started to come to ease. Like an ocean after a storm. I felt love, I felt completeness, I accepted. It’s okay. “Sam you are okay”. It was absolutely huge. Oh my god! Love is the answer. Love is the truth. Stop fighting.

We always think we have to fight, to force, to chase after the things we want. It’s not the way. Love is the way.

Suddenly I understood all the Buddhist teachings. I understood everything. What was abstract theory to me, was now total understanding.

Let that shit go. It’s so clear. Let go of it. LET GO. Damn. Don’t even try to let go. Trying is fighting, is forcing. Just let go. It’s fucking hard to describe. It’s something to experience by itself. It’s the way how the universe works. It’s the way how we work. Meditate more. You can’t understand if you don’t experience it. But don’t try to meditate. Just do it. Can you see how easy it is and at the same time, how difficult it is to explain?

Love is the way. Love is what always existed. Love was here before everything. Love is everything.

The understanding of being everything can be fucking scary. It connects us with everything. So that means, that I’m the barista, my mom, the dog on the street, Michael Jackson and Jim Carrey at the same time. Everything we see, everything we perceive is a reflection, is the mirror of ourselves. It’s so clear, once we’ve experienced it.

I was so sad to be alone. I was afraid. I thought I can never love again, I can never be loved. Until I recognized: This fear of not being loved, the seeking for love, makes the fear bigger and bigger and makes love itself, which is already here, invisible. We create our own hell.

You decide how you perceive the world: Either you see enemies or friends. Fear or love. It’s your choice.

Love is here. Love is everywhere. You are love. Trust. Have faith!

I won the battle by surrendering, this is how battles are won. I understand now. I went back to my body and I’ve seen myself separated again. I’ve seen beings from other dimensions. I wanted to join them, but I couldn’t because I knew that I have to be in my body. I cried “release me. Please I want to join you! I don’t want to be in this limiting body. I want to be free. Bring me back!” These beings were looking at me and gave me feel that it’s ok… that it’s all good.  “Relax. You are alright.” And again I realized. The body is only limiting me, if I think so.

I realized that there’s a reason why I put myself into a body. There’s a reason why I perceive this reality as it is. I’m god. Every being on this planet is a part of it. We are all one. The wars in the middle-east, the genocide in the past, the fights, the pain on this world is all a part of us. Parts that are still fighting to find love.

We are one. I say it over and over again. I understand now the enlightened beings who promise to come back to this earth until everyone is enlightened.

We can’t make peace by war. So stop fighting. Don’t convince anybody. Don’t force but show the way. Be inspiring, be a good role model. You are a part of the bigger thing. Relax, accept, then everything comes to ease. Don’t fuck yourself by fucking others. Do good things. Don’t expect anything back. Your vibration is most important. By doing good things to others, you are doing good things to yourself. Because… yes I said it 100 times: You are everything.

By being stuck in life. By being unhappy, not satisfied, you are not following the path of love. You try to survive. You are fighting… But there is more. Relax. It’s all good.

Fights exist everywhere. Not only physical fights. There are also very common inner fights. The fights of “trying to be good enough”. The need to be successful, the desire to have certain things. The fear of bad performance. The attachment to certain outcomes. These are all fights who make our lives shit. We suffer, for no fucking reason.

Give love. Do good things. Don’t force. When it comes to achieve anything in live: Relax, Love, express… You will do the right things, when you come from your heart. It will be effortless, and will make you achieve anything you like. But you have to understand to SURRENDER!

Get to know yourself, understand that you have nothing to lose. Understand that you are everything. That you have everything. Then you are ready to let go. To surrender. To relax and enjoy.

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