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3 steps to create something amazing in 2017 (6min read)

This article is for you, if you want to create something amazing in 2017 and if you want it to be an epic year. Together we will go through the 3 stages of the creation process and the challenges on the way.

I just did my yearly reflection on the last year. It has been an amazing ride. It was full of joy, fun, adventure and a lot of learnings. As I’m reflecting back I can say that I have created everything I wanted when I was younger. I can travel the world, I feel I have a meaningful job, I love what I do and I really feel free.

But for a long time I wasn’t sure at all, where this all takes me. I was so confused. I remember 6 years ago I got a degree in Switzerland and I had no clue what to do next. The only thing I knew was that I didn’t want to work in a job I wasn’t passionate about. I felt there was more. But at the same time I didn’t know what.

I believe most of us once come to a point in life, where we don’t really know where to go next. Where we have to ask ourselves the question: What am I here for? What do I want? And we struggle to find an answer.

In this article I would like to share with you my insights about the stages of change, the stages of creation and what I believe helps us to get clarity on our journey.

01 – Knowing what you want

I was struggling deeply when I asked myself the question: “What do I want?”

“I want many things!” I was interested in so many things and that almost made me feel overwhelmed. As if it was a decision for life.

Fears held me back of making a decision, and this is what I often see in our society, that people hold back from making decisions because of fear.

So I changed my question to: What would be nice?

From that place I felt more relaxed to make a decision. Because not making a decision, is also making a decision to stay in a place that you don’t like. So what would be nice?

What would you like to create? What would be exciting for you? What would be cool to do?

One of the biggest problems I usually see in the people, when I just start working with them is that THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY DON’T WANT… but rarely do they know what they actually want. And you can imagine what you get, if you’re continuing focussing on what you don’t want in your life… Exactly: What you resist persists.

Success and clarity is often about asking the right questions.

What are the right questions for you? Take a couple minutes and write them down.

02 – The challenge to change

Making a decision to change can be very challenging. It’s new; it’s stepping out of the comfort zone. We feel insecure. And we live in an environment that constantly reminds us to who we ‘were’.

Change is challenging because also our social circles have a certain identity of us. You stepping out of that old identity into a new one is shaking other people’s reality. And they will challenge you. Until you fully own your decision.

As we change we tap into an unfamiliar environment. Even though it might be a dream we’re going for. It still can feel ‘not right’. Thoughts and self-doubts come up… “Is that really something I want to do?” “Am I really right for this?” “Was that the right decision?”

In my last articles, I was addressing that phenomenon already. We sometimes believe it’s “not right”, but in fact it is just “unfamiliar”. Every new road feels unfamiliar. (Read more here: How daily acts of kindness can change your life! or The way to be a more social and loving person.)

The crab in the shell

Crabs protect themselves by finding and living in shells. But it’s also known that one day; the crab needs to leave the shell, because eventually the crab grows too big for the shell. It needs to leave the security of the old shell, it needs to leave the comfort zone, and find another shell – in order to grow. At first, that may not seem ‘right’, but it’s what the little crab knows it has to be done. Only that way it can evolve and follow its purpose to grow.

03 – Clarity comes on its way

The first step is to know what you want. I mentioned it above; most people live by the pattern of focussing on what they don’t want, instead of what they do want. If it’s hard for you to find that, ask yourself “What would be nice?”

Feel into what your heart says. What is it that you feel attracted in doing? What excites you?

From that place, just make a decision to take little action. To make little changes. To go step by step.

Even if the destination is not clear yet.

I’m aware that we as human beings tend to wait, until we have clarity… We wait forever. It’s this fear of the unknown that a new road brings with it. It’s almost like we don’t take the steps because we don’t see the destination yet.

But clarity really comes on its way. I see following the heart as a journey back to our self’s. What we experience on walking on this new path are teachings for life. As we follow our hearts, we can’t lose. We only learn.

Fighting for freedom

I have been fighting in the rings of Thailand when I was 19 years old. My gosh, other friends I knew went to the university. I had those thoughts, if it wouldn’t have been better for me to do the same. But at that time, fighting was exciting me, I was passionate about it. I learned, I got hurt, I grew.

Now, almost 6 years later, writing this, I’m at a completely different place in my life. But what I learned there stayed.

It wasn’t always easy. But it made me the person I am today. It was unfamiliar, but it felt good for me. Looking back, I can’t regret a single decision I made from a place of love. Even if it didn’t seem to work out… It always does.

Sam Ryter In A Muay Thai Fight in Northern Thailand - the 3 stages to create something amazing

Yes, that boy on the right was me.

Create something amazing! Now or Never

The beginning of a year is always so powerful to make new decisions. But what I believe is important is to take responsibility on your own life. And to just take a step forward. And another one.

You will figure it out on the way. Clarity will come. Confidence will come. Security will come on its way.

As we dream about a new journey, a new life, a new job, a new opportunity – and it feels good – then it’s time to take a step forward. Even if it is unfamiliar to us. The power is within you and as we shift our attention on creating, and on what we want – then anything becomes possible.

Now is the time. Even if it’s just a tiny step. Be the crab that changes the shell. Grow. Create. Because within you is a gift for this world and it would be a disservice to others if you would hold it back. The year has started, let’s go :)

Thank you for being here!


Comment below: What was the best decision in your life? What are your goals for 2017?

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