Change the way you look at strangers [Part 1: Human Connection 101]

Hi everyone! first of all, thank you so much for the LOVELY, supportive and beautiful messages I’ve got the last weeks! It gave me a lot of strenght and trust in creating more and stepping more and more into my truth. Also the way you share your stories in the group and via email, the way you help each other, share insights and so on, is just beautiful to see! it’s amazing! Thank you for that, it really means a lot to me! I’m so happy to have you here!

In the next few weeks I’d like to go deeper into intimacy, human-connections and love… I will share with you the best I have, and feel also free to share your insights and stories. About intimacy, love and connection.

This video is about, what I believe, one of the MOST fundamental truths about human connection.

This literally changed my life.

Wayne Dyer once said:

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Now my question: How are we conditioned to look at ‘strangers’, to look at people ‘we don’t now’…?

Enjoy the video. It’s part 1 of ….(“I don’t know yet how many other parts”) my series…

Have a great week! And please answer the questions in my video below! I look forward to read from you.


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Sam Ryter

Sam Ryter is an author and professional coach. He helps people to create deeper and more fulfilling relationships with others, the world and themselves.