30. June 2017 Sam Ryter

Dealing with low mood periods (2min read)

The last two days have been challenging for Sam. Sam, the one my mind thinks to be. Sam, with his story from the past and his expectations about the future.

But I know that life loves him.

How do I know?

Each time he loses himself, life will let him know. It will give him signs. It will let him feel emotions that wake him up to his truth.

They are uncomfortable. He suffers, until he accepts the signs. Until he is ready to receive the message. And the longer he ignores the signs, the kinder life will guide him by giving him even deeper emotions.

The journey back to us is one of intense feelings. It’s not that we didn’t have them before. But by getting more intimate, we allow ourselves to feel what we have been supressing our whole lives.

By letting ourselves feel without evaluation, we allow ourselves to experience life fully.

We start to get to know ourselves. To learn who we truly are.

Low moods are a time to slow down. A time to check in. A time to give space and to reconnect to what we haven’t given enough attention to.

It’s a time of giving love.

Sam is just a name. A label, an idea, a story – and so is your life.

Behind the label we deeply meet.

We understand. We see. We know.

That there’s nothing to worry.

That there is no problem.

That life loves you.

That you are safe.

That you are love(d).

That you are life.

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Sam Ryter

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