21. February 2016 Sam Ryter

How to be a better lover (1h Audio Podcast)

I’ve had the honor again to be on the big Menprovement podcast and we talk about the 5 core steps that make an amazing lover. It’s a 1h audio podcast these are the things you can learn:

What real masculinity is and why porn makes you worse.

How to stop thinking, and worrying about your performance.

What you need to do to give her amazing orgasms and to enjoy sex

Amazing stuff you can do as a foreplay to create incredible sexual tension.

…And much more… Check it out. Leave your comment below if you have any questions. Share your thoughts and stories. Share your point of view down below!

If you are interested in learning more you can go on http://www.orgasmacademy.com and get access to all the knowledge from giving her multiple orgasms, to squirting, to going down on her, to anal sex and much more.

If you don’t have the money right now: You can still sign up for the free course. Where you get the foundation and great amazing free value for you to become an incredible lover. For that go on: http://www.orgasmacademy.com/course

Thanks for reading, listening. And as I sad, leave your comments and questions below. It’s always very interesting to hear from you guys.


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Sam Ryter

Sam Ryter is an author and professional coach. He helps people to create deeper and more fulfilling relationships with others, the world and themselves.

Comments (2)

  1. Matt

    Hey Sam,
    I’ve listened to your free online course for the orgasm academy and it has really helped me to learn the anatomy of a woman. The only thing holding me back from amazing sex with my girlfriend at the moment is that I often don’t stay hard in the bedroom, which has created massive insecurity for both of us, which we then need to talk through. It gets quite frustrating and I don’t know how to chill out about it. What are your core pieces of advice for this?

    • Sam Ryter

      Hey Matt
      Thanks so much for your message! I only can give you my perception to this message, as I don’t have any deep insight in the relationship of you and your girlfriend. So first of all this could either be a physical or a mental issue. And trust me, you are not alone ;) It’s something quite a lot of guys have actually. Mostly it’s just an inner mental conflict. Once experienced, the insecurity settles down in our mind, and the next time we set ourselves so much under pressure that nothing works at all. So, I feel a lot of outcome dependency out of your message. You and your girlfriend obviously want to have a great time, but as soon as your sex is depending on how hard you can get – you miss the most important thing plus you both set yourself under pressure. So much, that nobody can enjoy it… This is shit, I believe. Did you know that you can have sex without penetrating a woman? Sex is often seen as “MAN FUCKS WOMAN” but it’s not that… How about you and her just enjoy the time together. You surrender. You give yourself to her for who you really are. She the same. No layers, no fear, just joy. Feeling the moment. See her as a godess. Give her the love she deserves, and that is only possible if you are in the moment. As soon as you both think about your dick and how you are supposed to do something you are not in the moment. You both miss the beauty. It’s egoism. Don’t even think about “fucking” her. What I suggest is starting to create amazing sensual times with her. It really can be more fulfilling than sex! please keep that in mind.

      On the physical aspects I can only advice to try to be healthy. Eat good stuff. Treat yourself well. No porn(!) Get rid of unnecessary habits that don’t serve you. Get habits who actually give you something. That will give you more energy and more confidence. Food has an enourmous inpact on our lives, our confidence and our energylevels.

      Hope that serves you! Maybe some other guys can relate to it aswell. So if someone reads this, feel free to share your stuff aswell.
      Thanks again. Talk soon. And enjoy :)

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