13. July 2017 Sam Ryter

If I had a little more time to do what I love… (2min read)

If I just had a little more time.

The past weeks, I have been occupied with things I believed to be more important than the things I truly felt called to do. Those were little things. “Things that needed to be done. Period.”

At least my mind liked to believe that.

After 2 weeks of running, and getting things done, I realise that the ‘getting-things-done-list’ will never be completed. Because it’s an endless hustle.

There’s always something more to do. Always another tiny thing that could be done. Always something else that will distract me from doing what I love.

I suffer. Spending time with things that I don’t really want to do.

I became the slave of the ideas of mind. The slave of what it thinks to be the best for me. Even though deep inside – I knew already.

I don’t need the mind to know who I am.

When will I have enough time to do what I love?

When will I take the time to do what I love?

Will I take the time to do what I love?

The more I do what I love, the more I feel on purpose, the more I feel in service, the more I feel peace, the more I’m able to share my gifts with the world.

As I allow myself to do what I love – I allow myself to succeed.

The artist sometimes has to break the rules in order not to be broken by them.

And as long as one is afraid to let go of what doesn’t really matter to the person – One becomes a slave of things that have never mattered.

We become prisoners of our own minds.

Today, I decided to open that prison gate again. It was a nice time in there. A time full of realisations, of learnings. And now I’m ready to focus on what I love. I strive. I feel free.

If I just had a little more time…

What if it’s a choice with what we surround ourselves?

What if it’s a choice to become aware of what is truly meaningful to us?

Because then, all the things that – according to the fearful mind – desperately need to be done, seem to dissolve by themselves.

Why do we suffer in the first place?

Do we sometimes choose to fear, in order to learn what love is? Can the light be seen without the shadow?

We don’t need more time.


Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash

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