20. June 2017 Sam Ryter

The modern warrior (2min read)

When she connects with him, her heart opens. And so does his.

For years he was afraid of love. Of letting someone in. So close that he would have to reveal his face and place down the armor.

It wasn’t that he met the wrong people. But each time something got too intimate, he used to run away and seek the nowhere.

His mind still suffering the pain from his past. When his heart was stolen by someone he trusted.

Afraid of being hurt again, he became a warrior. Cold. Impressive. That way he would be prepared for the war, and he, at least could fight back.

So he joined the battlefield. He became good at fighting. At protecting himself. He survived. But he never found peace.

Years of battle left him lonelier than before. And he came to realise that his armor slowly killed him.

Forgetting about who he truly is. All he thought to be, was a body of metal-armor. Heavy. Cold. Numb.

Forgetting how it is to be human. To be naked. To be vulnerable. To be loved and to love without protection.

War is killing people. War is killing everyone who engages with it. The lucky ones get killed quickly. The poor ones fight forever.

And yet it was his choice. He didn’t knew any better. And at one point, in exhaustion, he decided to surrender. He gave up.

Despite his fears, he put down his guards. Took off his helmet. He got naked.

He opened his eyes, and looked at what he was too afraid to see. And as he looked, he found himself. He found his heart – that has never been stolen, but was always with him.

He found beauty. He found peace.

When she connects with him, her heart opens. And so does his.

He is a warrior. He has courage because he knows that he can’t be hurt. He gives up. He trusts.

He doesn’t hide, hold back but gives everything he has.

When she connects with him, her heart opens. Because she finally knows, that she is safe.


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Sam Ryter

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