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Oh, dear money! (3min read)

Oh, dear money. Why are you so hard to get? And when I finally catch you I can’t keep you.
Money. I think you’re arrogant and still I need you.

I’m your slave. I work for you. I’d do anything for you. Even though I despise you.
I want to keep you. I need more of you. You are my drug. The drug that I hate.

I’m jealous when you go along with someone else. I feel hurt. I feel injustice. I feel abandoned.

Money – I don’t have you in my life because I don’t really love you.

But Money, what if you’re not a thing but much more than that? What if the things I don’t like about you, are only things I don’t like about myself?

Money, what if you’re neither good nor bad?

And what if you’re not so different from me?

You also choose the ones who honour you. You choose the ones who don’t just try to please you. The ones that welcome you into their lives. The ones that don’t despise you, the ones that don’t judge you. But the ones who see opportunity in you. The ones who believe in you.

Many hate you for what you are not. Many love you for the same reason.

Money. You are just a construct of my mind. I give you meaning. I make you more important than you are, and sometimes less…

But when I need you, you are here.

The question is not if you want to be with me, the question is if I want to be with you or not.

And when I make peace with you, as you are nothing else but neutral beauty I can start to trust. Trust that you are here, about to flow into my life.

I don’t need to chase you, as that won’t bring me the love that I’m seeking in you.

But as I trust, I can let go of you. And as I let go of you, you come to me.

Wealth isn’t a thing. It’s doing what we love.

No fulfilling relationship can be forced. No fulfilling relationship is created out of fear. And no relationship survives by holding on to someone that has never been ours.

A relationship flourishes when we respect. When we open up. When we see beyond judgement. When we appreciate.

Money you are a teacher. What I despise in you, is what I despise in me. I don’t need to seek you. I need to love you.



Wow. After I wrote this, I felt an urge to add this short note. I don’t know where this text above came from. Not now, nor before have I found myself in big money-problems in my life.

But obviously, there was something that had to be expressed through me, today.

Looking at what I wrote in the article above I realise how our relationship with money doesn’t really distinguish from the relationship we have with anything else in life. We attract what we are. Always.

So, however this post will serve you, I believe this article to be an universal one. One that we can adapt to all our relationships. It tought me something far beyond money. And if we open our eyes, we can find truth between the lines… And whatever you can see between those lines will be your gift, your truth.

I’d love to end this little post today with a quote that I have found so inspiring. It’s from Arnold Patent. He wrote the book money. I’ll add it below.



“We don’t create abundance. Abundance is always present. We create limitations.” – Arnold Patent

What is money to you?

All around the world, we give different meanings to money. What does money mean to you? Please let me know in the comments!


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