26. June 2017 Sam Ryter

The Old Man And The Path Of Love (4min read)

Life is the unknown.

Can we ever be certain of what awaits us?

Life is the mysterious.

Will our minds ever be able to make sense out of it?

Life is beauty.

And yet, so often one is afraid to see it.


H e seeks control, accomplishment, security. And yet, what he deeply wants is love, connection and freedom.

It took him an awakening to realise that the road to control, accomplishment and security is not the one that leads him to his deepest desires.

One day in spring, after work, he sat down on the porch of his house. It was a sunny and beautiful day. The birds sang their first melodies after a long winter. And an insight came through him.

What if in order to experience love, connection and freedom, we’ve got leave the path that seems so rational to the mind? To tap into the unknown. Into something that the mind doesn’t understand, but the heart already knows.

He saw a 5 year old boy passing, running and jumping out of joy – and the man thought about freedom.

Freedom is to have to courage to walk any path that sparks enthusiasm within us – and to be ready to leave it and change the direction when the time has come. Freedom is to walk for the sake of walking. Not having a goal, but solely an intention. Freedom is to know that, the journey we choose always provides us with the gifts we need. We can’t be mistaken.

He smelled the fragrance of the blossoming flowers around him and thought about connection.

Connection is to feel instead of seeking for reason. Connection is to know that the people we meet on the journey, are the mirrors of our internal world. Connection is to trust in the gifts that life has for us. It’s to awaken and see that there is not good and bad, no right and wrong, no winning or losing, but only the expression of life. We can’t be disconnected. We can only ‘think’ that we are.

His granddaughter rushed through the garden and ran towards him. When he saw her smile, he thought about love.

Love is to know the path without having it walked before. Love is to be with whatever shows up. It’s the play. It’s the joy. Love is to celebrate the moment, to surrender to what is, to be astonished, to learn and to grow. To accept the pain without resisting. Love is available, everywhere and in everything. We can’t be unloved; we can only think that we are.

In a world of competition, the mind gained power over him. And connection, love and freedom stopped making sense to his mind. A felt separation grew and a greater pressure was created through his own imagination of reality.

While hugging his granddaughter he realised that, over the years, his heart lost the position of the guiding force.

After all, love has no real value to the mind. Following the heart meant to be broke, to be an outcast, to compromise, and to sacrifice.

He labeled love and freedom as something that would limit him. And yet, his mind will never be able to define it.

Feeling the warm body of the little girl in his arms, he knows that the path of love is a path of trust.

The road of control is a path of force. Of swimming upstream, while thinking that we’re heading towards the big ocean that contains everything we desire.

Now, deep inside, he knows that the road of control, accomplishment and security is as well just a journey into the unknown.

Because life is the unknown. He sometimes chose to suffer – out of the resistance to the unknown. And then he experienced incredible joy, when he just trusted. Like the 5 year old boy. Like the flowers that are blossoming. Like his granddaughter.

Life is the unknown, and to fall in love with life, he needed to fall in love with the unknown.

The path he takes is his own choice.

He is free, he is connected, he is loved.

And he can walk for the sake of walking.


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