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My Top 3 Articles About Relationships

This article shares a selection of my top 3 articles about relationships with others, sex, intimacy and most importantly – the relationship you’re having with yourself.

It’s late… Way too late. It’s 00.30am here in Amsterdam as I’m writing these lines – It was an intense day, packed with awesomeness. This week I’m attending the Integral Coaching Academy – A way to get better in my craft as a coach. Day one is over. It was absolutely amazing. I’m blown away. And after the session I just couldn’t resist to meet up with the amazing people here. I love this city, I love the people, I love the vibe here… (maybe I’m considering moving here?) I just felt so warmly welcomed since I arrived 3 days ago – but that’s not todays context ;)

Todays article will be a bit different. When I’m writing my articles, I love to dive into the topics, reflect on them, ask others about their point of view, zooming out and creating a great and understandable frame for you. As you can imagine, I’m challenged today, as I have literally no time to get deep into a topic.

Anyways, this is a great opportunity to reflect back on past articles and I’d love to share with you my 3 besties around relationships and self-awareness.

1. Sex – Where Society Fails

Sex, I love that topic. And the people love it too. It’s in fact the article with the most reads on my blog. And it’s a topic we talk about too rarely. It’s a topic where people hold back expressing themselves. “It’s not appropriate”.

At the same time, there is SO MUCH stress, anxiety, pain, fear, confusion around this.

I would love to see a world where people actually ENJOY sex to the fullest. Where people can truly connect. Where they create a tantric one-ness with each other. Where people allow themselves to MAKE LOVE.

This article is one of my personal favourites. And it was written in one go – purely from my heart. How society misunderstands the topic SEX and how we can experience amazing sex with each other. Enjoy.


2. The 3 Basic Human Needs In A Relationship

While writing this article I was going through a break up. Uh yes. That was painful… But it gave me incredible insights about the ‘needs’ in a relationship.

There’s no challenge without a gift for you.

And that experience, as painful as it was at that time brought me an incredible gift. I learned so much about myself, about others and about RELATIONSHIPS.

Understanding those core needs, helps us to understand others, and hopefully you will also understand yourself a bit more…


3. How To Deal With Emotional Pain

And last but not least (actually I got so much value out of that article – while writing it by myself), how to deal with emotional pain – Or: The relationship I’m having with myself.

That article came out just a week later than the one above – And yes, my heart was still broken. The last time such a heartbreak happened was when I was a teenager – and I almost forgot how painful it can be.

But there had to be a gift in that pain. So I asked myself the question: How to deal with that sh*t? :)

As I mentioned above, while writing this article I discovered so many blindspots about myself. How I held myself back. How I suffered. I was a victim. And then I learned such an incredible life-lesson, how to take this piece of pain and use it for something incredibly beautiful.

Or how Carrie Fisher would put it:

Take your broken heart and turn it into art.

This article is about dealing with pain. Pain is something we all experience – but suffering is a choice.


What’s YOUR favourite article so far?

What’s your favourit article so far? And more important what topics are you interested in? 

Shoot the topics below into the comments. It helps me so much, and – if you believe it or not – writing those weekly posts allows me to grow so much as a person.

I love to share my insights with you and I love to hear your opinion, struggles, insights and questions. Let’s make this a bit more interactive, as I’m sharing a bit less this week! ;)

It’s so great to have you here, and I’m so grateful to see the numbers of readers growing and growing, week by week.

Thank you!

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